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Keywords are: 'mage spell fireball ball greater' Spell: fireball Mana: 15 Int: 21 Wis: 17 Lvl 14 Mage (28%) (critical) Requires: burning hands Dtype: fire Can Be Channeled Spell: greater fireball Mana: 20 Int: 25 Wis: 21 Lvl 21 Mage (28%) (critical) Requires: fireball Dtype: fire Can Be Channeled Usage: cast fireball <target> cast greater fireball <target> 'Fireball' is a mid-level offensive fire spell, where the caster creates a localized ball of fire and hurls it at the enemy. 'Greater fireball' is -not- just a higher level version of fireball. The damage done is only slightly greater, but the fireball itself is much larger and somewhat under the control of the caster. The primary use of greater fireball is against multiple opponents, usually while grouping. For little more than the cost of a normal fireball spell, you can often do damage to several opponents.

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