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Keywords are: 'friends-list friendlist friendslist flist nopost' Syntax: friends - show logged in friends and recent activity friend replay - see recent friend activity friend post - post a message to your friend log friend nopost - disable seeing friends' posts friend on/off - turn on/off your friends channel friend log - show your friend log friend list - list all your friends friend add - add a new friend friend remove - remove someone from your friends list friend find - show another players friend list replay friends - replay your friends log (similar to 'friend replay') who friends - show logged in friends who -friends - show logged in friends The 'friends' command is used to set up and manage your friends list. You can see which of your friends are logged in with the 'who friends' command. You can also see who other people have in their friends list, with the 'friends show' command. You can see who has friended you with the 'friends find' command.

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