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Keywords are: 'necromancer spell foulblood blood' Spell: foulblood Mana: 21 Int: 18 Wis: 16 Lvl 10 Necr (42%) (helpful) Requires: blood sacrifice Damage Type: toxic (special, see text) Usage: cast foulblood This spell fouls the blood of the caster so that contact with it poisons attackers. Opponents with edged attacks such as slice, slice, chop or claw will be poisoned. The caster is protected from the spell even as they are poisoned. Foulblood is particularly useful against animals with biting attacks, as they can become nauseated from ingesting toxic blood. Due to its low cost and long duration most necromancers choose to stay fouled on a continual basis. When 'bloodmist' is cast by a necromancer affected by this spell, the conjured bloodmist demons are fouled, as well. This makes their attacks poisonous. If you bottle blood while foulblood is active, your blood will produce a poison antidote. Note that once blood is fouled, it cannot be dispelled or uncast.

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