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Keywords are: 'mage spell frostflower flower' Spell: frostflower Mana: 4 Int: 18 Wis: 14 Lvl 8 Mage (28%) (critical) Requires: chill touch Damage Type: ice / pierce Damage: moderate area Speed: average (Can Be Channeled) Usage: cast frostflower <target> The 'frostflower' spell is one of the first, lowest level ice spells, requiring very little mana and effort to cast. The caster summons a handful of ice crystals to act as seeds, then scatters them. A short time later, the crystals suddenly grow into spiked balls of ice, reinforced by the magic within them. From a distance, they are considered beautiful, and resemble crystal flowers. Because the crystals grow so fast, and because the original crystals are scattered, their sudden appearance can deal significant damage to nearby targets. The reason this otherwise difficult spell is castable at low levels is due to a strange quirk of the elemental channel. Each of the seeds is a small channel to the ethereal plane, and when forming the flowers mana pours from the ice plane into ours. A few seconds later, the flow begins to reverse, and just as quickly the flowers are pulled back and vanish.

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