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Keywords are: 'training gain' Format: train - shows how much each stat cost to train once train <statname> - trains the stat once Training is how you change your stats. You can become stronger, more intelligent, more wise, and other things with your stats. At lower levels of the stats, it costs only a few practices, but as your stats get higher and higher it costs more and more to train. Stats affect things like how much mana, hitpoints, and movement you regen in a tick, and they also help determine how many hitpoints or mana points your character has. Strength helps with fighting, and dexterity deals with dodging blows and how many items you can carry. Some of the higher level characters are so charismatic that few monsters will attack them, and some have a high enough intelligence and wisdom to be able to cast the most powerful offensive spells around. There is no "gain" command here, as is common in stock muds.

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