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Keywords are: 'necromancer spell gisco's giblet grenade giscos' Spell: giscos giblet grenade Mana: 19 Int: 24 Wis: 22 Lvl 19 Necr (21%) (helpful) Requires: corpsecutter Damage Type: acidic Damage: (special, see text) Speed: average Usage: cast giscos giblet grenade <target> This spell was developed by the infamous Gisco the Necromancer during his efforts to increase the potency of the 'preservation' spell. It activates the latent bodily fluids in necrotic flesh and turns it into a deadly blob of acid that is hurled at enemies. The spell works best with organs harvested using the 'corpsecutter' skill. Rarer tissues yield more powerful grenades. Harvested blood also will work as a medium. In a pinch, meat can be used, although it is less powerful, as meat is generally drained of blood. In the absence of any usable flesh, a necromancer can use his own spit, but it is not nearly as effective.

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