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Keywords are: 'necromancer skill graft undead' Skill: graft undead Lvl 34 Necr (28%) (helpful) Requires: corpsecutter and metallurgy Group: Necromancer Undead Skills Profession Usage: forge graft <studs/scales/spikes> <undead creature> This gruesome skill allows necromancers familiar with metallurgy to graft forged studs, spikes or scales to raised undead creatures. Adding studs to an undead increases its damroll, adding spikes increases its hitroll and adding scales increases its armor and hitpoints. Defensive stats will improve the armor given from scales, and offensive stats will raise the hitroll and damroll from spikes and studs. Only raised zombies, ghouls and mummies can be grafted. Vampires would lose any grafts when they convert to shadow form. Adding grafts to controlled undead would likely cause a loss of control, as it requires cutting into them. Likewise, silver and sky iron alloys have special properties that would interfere with the functioning of undead creatures, and are thus are unsuitable for grafting. It is best to use grafts close to your level. Using ones much higher or lower will lessen their effectiveness.

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