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Keywords are: 'warrior skill groundstrike strike gstrike' Skill: ground strike Lvl 26 Warr (28%) (critical) Requires: leap attack Speed: slow Usage: gstrike gstrike <opponent> The 'ground strike' skill is a mid level warrior skill that allows you to transfer an attack using the ground as a conductive medium. By exactly channeling the force of a blow into the ground, you can attack an enemy from below. Foes knocked off of their feet will take extra damage as the earth beneath them is rent and torn. To ground strike, you need to wield a two-handed high impact weapon, such as an axe or a hammer. One curious aspect of ground strike is that the elemental magics of fire, ice, and lightning all transfer, and sometimes are even amplified in a ground strike. This is a poorly understood phenomena that can be extremely helpful in niche scenarios. Agile opponents can avoid ground strikes, so hindering an opponent with dexterity-debuffing affects such as stun and unbalance will increase its effectiveness.

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