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Keywords are: 'cleric skill groupcasting gcasting casting' Skill: groupcasting Lvl 24 Cler (10%) Requires: peace Group: Cleric tranquility spellgroup Usage: groupcast <spell> groupcast <spell> group groupcast <spell> <target> gcast <spell> gcast <spell> group gcast <spell> <target> The groupcasting skill allows several clerics to form a casting circle to cast a spell at a higher level. The leader of the circle must be able to cast the spell, and only clerical spells lend themselves easily to casting in this fashion. At least three members are needed for the circle, and casters must not be directly engaged in battle. When a spell is successfully cast, mana is taken from all group members in as even a fashion as possible. There are two different targeting methods. The first is to concentrate the focus of the group onto a single target. The second casts the spell on every member of the group. Since the casting circle is based on clerical paradigms, the 'heal' spell is much more powerful when cast. A single target can be healed completely in a single cast, and a group can use all available mana to heal the entirety of the group should need arise. If a spell can be groupcast, it will labeled as such on its help page. To choose to refrain from group casting when in a group, use the 'nogcast' command. WARNING: this will exclude you from castings of spells on the entire group.

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