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Keywords are: 'skill crafting heraldry' Skill: heraldry Lvl 8 Any (85%) (obscure) Profession Usage: heraldry help heraldry list heraldry list <device> heraldry list features heraldry add [aura] [feature] <symbol> heraldry check [item] The heraldry skill gives you a general knowledge of imagery used on royal crests, banners, flags, shields and tabards. You can use your knowledge to add crests to woodcrafted shields. Only woodcrafted shields can have heraldic imagery added to them. Paint will not adhere well to scales, shell or bone. You can also add heraldry to crafted liquid containers such as cups and mugs. Adding a device to a shield does not alter its properties. It does add to the name of the shield, making it stand out when worn or when using advanced item management. The heraldry list command can be used to show lists of all heraldic devices, heraldic beasts, heraldic plants or heraldic symbols. You can also lookup heraldic devices by keyword, for example 'list heraldry skull' will list all heraldic devices with the keyword 'skull'. If you know heraldry and jewelrysmithing, you can add heraldic images to forged rings and headgear. If you know heraldry and gemcutting, you can cut gems into the shapes of heraldic images. If you belong to a clan, you can add your clan's crest to items. If you worship a god, you can add your god's holy symbol to items. The art of heraldry is known mostly in lands where a feudal system dominates. If you wish to learn it, seek out the aides and advisors of the gentry.

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