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Keywords are: 'cleric spell hold undead' Spell: hold undead Mana: 15 Wis: 24 Chr: 20 Lvl 20 Cler (28%) (helpful) Requires: turn undead (Can Be Groupcast) Usage: cast hold undead <target> The spell 'hold undead' attempts to immobilize undead targets and halt combat. Without a specified target, the spell attempts to affect all undead in the immediate area, although it is more likely to succeed when focused on a single undead. The hold is immediately broken if the undead is attacked. The undead can also sometimes break the hold if the cleric leaves the room or is otherwise distracted. Hold undead can be used to bypass aggressive undead, hold multiple undead in place for area attacks such as certain mage and druid spells, or immobilizing a single target for a backstab, especially if the undead moves quickly or flees when injured.

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