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Keywords are: 'mage spell icebolt bolt' Spell: icebolt Mana: 16 Int: 23 Wis: 19 Lvl 17 Mage (28%) (critical) Requires: ice shield Usage: cast icebolt <target> The 'icebolt' spell is a mid-level ice spell, and the first spell in the elemental ice group that actually involves conjuring of physical ice. The spell involves the creation of several ice shards out of thin air, and once conjured the bolts of ice are magically hurled to blugeon the target at high speed. Since the bolts are truly normal ice, heavily armored targets will not suffer full damage unless the caster is high level. The caster will need to draw upon his knowledge of 'ice shield' and 'chill touch' for control, and also upon the fundamental 'magic missile' training to control and guide the projectiles.

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