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Keywords are: 'warrior skill impale' Skill: impale Lvl 39 Warr (21%) (helpful) Requires: pommel strike and lunge Speed: very slow Usage: impale impale <opponent> The 'impale' skill is a powerful weapon-handling technique used by skilled warriors against stunned opponents. It requires a moment to steady and aim a weapon at an enemy while their defenses are down, before delivering a powerful blow to their vitals. It is almost impossible to avoid a well-executed impaling. Impaling does a large amount of damage. Due to the great degree of control a warrior has over the direction and force of the blow, they can, more often than not, leave a badly wounded enemy just barely alive. Mortally wounded enemies are easily dispatched by this skill, even if they are not stunned. Impale works best with a pointed or non-impact bladed damage type such as pierce, stab, slice or slash. It is least effective with a blunt weapon, and simply impossible with flexible weapons such as whips and flails. Only creatures that can be stunned can be impaled.

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