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Keywords are: 'instances instancing instanced areas single-player singleplayer' An 'instance' is a private copy of an area that is created specially for you or for your group. While you are in your instance, no other player (except group members) can enter it and interfere with your progress. You can tell if you are in an instance by using the 'where' command, and you can see a list of all instances you currently own using the 'instances show' command. Instances remember who created them, so a player who leaves an instance and returns will end up back in the same instance they left. When groups attempt to enter an instance, all players end up in the same instance, except in the case of single player instances. In single player areas, every player has their own copy regardless of group status. Instances also automatically time out and self destruct if they are empty for more than about half an hour. You can then re-enter the area for a fresh instance copy. For more instance options, see 'instances help'. Note that instances will not reset/repop while you are in them. This means you can take your time clearing out annoyance mobs to make the boss battles easier. One final note: your map will reset every time you re-enter a new copy of an instance.

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