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Keywords are: 'compact hardreturns returns lineinvert invert noprompt inversion' The 'compact' command toggles compact mode. When compact mode is disabled, an extra return is sent before your prompt, if you have a prompt. The 'hardreturns' command toggles hard return mode. When this mode is enabled, returns are always sent. When disabled, returns are not sent when new commands are received. If you are using a windowed client, we recommend this mode be ENABLED. The 'lineinvert on' and 'lineinvert off' commands reverse the position of returns in data sent to your client. When enabled, a return is sent at the end of a line. When disabled, it is sent at the beginning. If you are using a windowed client, or an IRC client, this mode has no effect. The 'noprompt' command is used to toggle your prompt on or off. It can be especially useful while chatting, but is not suggested when fighting. You may customize your prompt if you wish. See 'help prompt'. It's a good idea to experiment with the various modes to find the ones that best suit you. See also 'help spam', 'help brief', 'help window'.

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