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Keywords are: 'items objects' Objects and items can be used for many different purposes, and there are many different item types. You can use some items as armor, some items as weapons, other items as containers, food, keys, or potions. Here are some of the most common item types: ARMOR - typically worn for protection in battle WEAPON - items for use as weapons SCROLL, STAFF, WAND - items which can be used to cast stored spells POTION, LIQUID CONTAINER - magical potions and brews which can be drank HERB, SPELL COMPONENT - ingredients for brewing FOOD - food can be eaten to help restore health, or used in potions KEY - special items that typically unlock or open something There are many commands which can be used on items: get, drop, take, put - move an item from place to place use, wear, hold, wield - use an item in some general way eq (equipment), worn - see what items you are currently using inv (inventory) - see what items you are currently carrying look, identify - get more information about an item For detailed information about special objects such as containers, potions, scrolls, or wands, try the other help pages.

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