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Keywords are: 'warrior skill jab punch' Skill: jab Lvl 6 Warr (21%) (helpful) Requires: kick Speed: average Usage: jab jab <opponent> A jab is a sudden, unexpected punch in the middle of combat. This skill allows a trained fighter to get sucker punches and jabs in at the enemy between weapon blows. It works best if you have a free hand, but you can get in a quick jab even while using a two-handed weapon. When using a shield, however, a jab is generally not an option. While jabs and other punching styles are common in unarmed fighting, hand to hand attacks are unusual when fighting with a weapon. This is what gives the jab its value. A particularly successful jab to an opponent's head (if they have one) may leave them dazed. Gauntlets and gloves with special damage types may even be effective against ethereal creatures. Hitroll and Dexterity on gauntlets and gloves will help make your jabs more accurate.

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