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Keywords are: 'skill crafting lapidary gemcutting gemcutter gems jems cutting jewels jewelry inlay jewellery' Skill: lapidary Lvl 12 Any (85%) (helpful) Requires: mining Profession Guild: The Lapidarists Guild Rank: Apprentice Skill: gemcutter Lvl 20 Any (85%) (helpful) Requires: grind stone Profession Guild: The Lapidarists Guild Rank: Adept lapidary help lapidary list lapidary check <stone> lapidary check <lapidary item> lapidary create <item> <stone> lapidary add <stone> <item> stop The 'lapidary' skill allows you to work with many common types of stone. It is mostly used to create decorative objects such as cups, vases and plates, but you can also fashion stone clubs. You can fashion objects for other players by adding their name after the name of the item you wish to craft. The 'gemcutter' skill is a refinement of lapidary work. You can carve stone into rings, beaded necklaces, bracelets and gemstones. These gemstones can be mounted to forged jewelry, hilted weapons and various other crafted items to enhance their properties using the 'lapidary add' command. You can also inlay many types of unhewn stone into crafted items. Note that you can add gemstones to crafted objects with just the lapidary skill, but you cannot inlay without the gemcutter skill. Many hard gemstones, such are peridot, diamond, garnet, emerald, ruby, sapphire and topaz, cannot be made into lapidary objects, but can be cut into gemstones. You can use the 'lapidary check' command to see what kinds of lapidary stones you have in your inventory. Using lapidary check on a stone will give you an idea of what it can be made into, and possibly what kind of properties it may have. Certain kinds of pearls can also be added as gems, while gathered coral and mother-of-pearl can be inlaid. If you know gemcutter and bonecraft, you can inlay harvested bone onto certain crafted items such as crowns and goblets. If you know gemcutter and forge armor, you can inlay stone onto forged armor, though this can sometimes slightly decrease the ac of the piece. Before mounting a gemstone to an object, it is a good idea to 'appraise' the object first. The appraise command will give you a rough idea of how much more an object can be improved. Be aware that while you can mount gems onto lapidary jewelry, it will not yield as good as results as with forged or woodcrafted jewelry, and may even result in an inferior piece. Having low dexterity or intelligence can cause you to make a mistake and crack a stone you are working on. A high intelligence can help when crafting with very hard gems, but your knowledge of lapidary and gemcutter has a biggest impact on success.

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