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Keywords are: 'skill crafting leathercrafting' Skill: leathercraft Lvl 7 Any (28%) Requires: skinning Usage: leathercraft help leathercraft list leathercraft check <skin> leathercraft create <item> <skin> leathercraft finish <skin> leathercraft stop The 'leathercraft' skill allows you manufacture leather armor and other items from hides harvested with the 'skinning' skill. Leather equipment can be made relatively quickly and does not require a specialized workshop or tools. Even a hide large enough to be wrapped around your body will be improved by fashioning it into a proper cloak. Armor can also be made from the shells harvested from insects and other arthropods, though slings can only be made from pliant, flexible hides. You can use the 'leathercraft check' command on a hide to check what kinds of items it can be crafted into. If no skin is specified, the first skin of sufficient size in your inventory is used. You will attempt to finish the item until you run out of movement, choose to stop or are otherwise interrupted. Unfinished leather items can be finished at a future time using the 'leathercraft finish' command. If you know leathercraft and tailoring, you can tailor leather items as if they were cloth. Leathercrafting has a variety of other niche uses when used in conjunction with other crafting skills. When you finish crafting a piece of leather equipment, you will see a message like this: You complete a fabulous southern silver megafox hide cap and dispose of the scraps.

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