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Keywords are: 'mage skill summon fire elemental lesser greater' Skill: lesser fire elemental Mana: 65 Lvl 20 Mage (28%) (helpful) Requires: fire focusing Skill: fire elemental Mana: 97 Lvl 32 Mage (28%) (helpful) Requires: lesser fire elemental Skill: greater fire elemental Mana: 130 Lvl 35 Mage (28%) (helpful) Requires: fire elemental Usage: summon elemental fire lesser summon elemental fire summon elemental fire greater The 'lesser fire elemental' skill is a mid level mage ability that summons a small fire elemental from the ethereal plane of fire to do your bidding. Your mana fuels and sustains the elemental, and the elemental will need your mana to heal. The strength of the summoned elemental is dependent on the casting level of the summoner, and more powerful elementals require more mana to maintain. Lowering or raising mage casting level is an effective way to control mana costs and the power of the summoned elemental. Medium sized elementals can be summoned with the 'fire elemental' skill, and require higher mana and control costs. Greater elementals can be summoned with the 'greater fire elemental' skill, and are even more difficult to control. Fire elementals are average in damage and average in defense, and make good general purpose minions for mages.

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