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Keywords are: 'cleric curse spell lethargy slow' Spell: lethargy Mana: 20 Wis: 27 Chr: 23 Lvl 26 Cler (28%) (important) Requires: weaken Usage: cast lethargy <target> The 'lethargy' spell is a powerful curse that requires high charisma and wisdom to cast successfully. If successful, the target is trapped in a bubble of slow time. This hinders the ability to fight, flee, or defend yourself. It also hinders regeneration and the wearing out of protective spells. This spell automatically initiates combat when successful. The target is allowed less of a saving throw compared to spells like 'summon' and 'charm'. Lethargy is a curse, and thus the 'remove curse' spell is far more effective at breaking it than 'dispel'.

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