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Keywords are: 'mage spell locate find pinpoint object scrying' Spell: locate object Mana: 24 Int: 22 Wis: 18 Lvl 15 Mage (28%) (obscure) Requires: gaze Spell: pinpoint object Mana: 12 Int: 23 Wis: 19 Lvl 18 Mage (28%) (obscure) Requires: locate object Usage: cast locate object <name1> [name2] cast locate object spcomp <spell name> cast pinpoint object <object> These spells allow for remote viewing (also known as "scrying") of objects. 'Locate object' allows you to find all the objects of a certain name currently in existence in the world. Unfortunately, the locate spell will often latch onto a special attribute of an item, and find all items with a similar attribute instead of the item you wish to find. Additionally, if the caster is familiar with 'reagent lore', the spell can be used to locate where spell components for brewing or scribing a particular spell might be found, using the special 'spcomp' parameter. For example: cast locate spcomp fireball 'Pinpoint object' is a more refined version of locate objects. You must be in possession of an item similar to the one you wish to find. The spell is cast on the item you have, and will find all similar items in existence. While more accurate than locate object, it requires possession of a similar item.

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