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Keywords are: 'warrior skill lunge attack' Skill: lunge Lvl 3 Warr (28%) (critical) Requires: thrust Speed: slow Usage: lunge lunge <opponent> The 'lunge' skill is a low level warrior skill used to take an enemy by surprise, more easily bypass defenses, and do additional damage. It is similar to a thrust, but it involves taking a step forward or leaning into the attack. While this skill has a much lower chance of being parried or dodged than simply swinging your weapon, it does cost movement and may leave your character off balance for a short period of time. Similar to leap attack, it is less effective to lunge with whips or flails than with solid weapons, such as an axe or hammer. It is most effective with a weapon that comes to definite sharp point, such as a piercing spear or a slicing sword. Unlike leap, it can be used with equal effectiveness unarmed. Like many power attacks, a lunge is most effective at penetrating the armor of enemies that are dazed, confused, stunned, knocked down or nauseated.

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