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Keywords are: 'cleric skill meditation meditate' Skill: meditate Lvl 20 Cler (42%) (important) Requires: peace Group: Cleric tranquility spellgroup Usage: meditate While anyone can rest, relax and reflect, clerics that learn the 'meditation' skill gain the ability commune with the gods. Through meditation, clerics align their thoughts with their god and gain favor in their sight. This process is taxing. A cleric must be resting to meditate, and they must focus on their meditation. It takes a few moments to establish contact, and the communion may not be continuous. Due to the mental discipline required, meditation can only be maintained for a short while, and a cleric cannot meditate for an extended time afterwards. Damage from nearly any source will end meditation. High charisma helps clerics gain favor, and high wisdom allows them to meditate for longer periods. A cleric that has high favor already will find little benefit from meditating, and will be better off simply resting or sleeping.

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