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Keywords are: 'necromancer spell metal construct' Spell: metal construct Mana: 45 Int: 26 Wis: 24 Lvl 23 Necr (28%) (important) Requires: bone guardian Group: Necromancer Animation (Can Be Bloodcast) Usage: c 'metal construct' c 'metal construct' ground c 'metal construct' <object on ground> This necromancer spell allows you to take several pieces of metal, twist and meld them together, and animate them into a powerful minion. The minion also takes on some of the properties of the metals used - if the metal pieces have resistance effects, the final construct will have similar resistances. Note that you typically need more than one piece of metal to construct one of these minions, and the 'ground' keyword is used for that purpose. This special keyword will use all the metal available on the ground to form the minion. If you bloodcast this spell, the resulting metal construct gains extra resistance to breath and normal damage, but loses its resistance to toxic damage.

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