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Keywords are: 'skill crafting forge forging metallurgy metalworking alloying smelting ore' Skill: metallurgy Lvl 10 Any (21%) (helpful) Profession Usage: forge forge check forge list <options> forge smelt <ore> forge alloy <alloy name> forge combine <metal> <metal> forge enhance <option> <item> forge create <item> <metal> forge finish <weapon> The 'metallurgy' skill is used to smelt ore, alloy metals, produce upgrades for woodcrafted and leathercrafted items and forge simple items such as arrowheads, sling bullets and tableware. You can only use the forge command to work on items while at a forge, though you can use 'forge check' to check ores and metals and 'forge list' to see what you can make at any location. You can fashion objects for other players by adding their name after the name of the item you wish to craft. There is a gold cost to rent tools and pay for fuel when using a forge. Larger amounts of material and more difficult to work metals will have a higher cost. For example, it is cheaper to smelt copper ore and forge with copper than to smelt iron ore or forge with iron. You can use the 'where forge' command to find forges in cities. Shield rims and studs can be added to woodcrafted shields and melee weapons, respectively. Studs can be added to leathercrafted armor, but not shell or dragonscale armor. You do not have to be at a forge to apply upgrades, just use the 'woodcraft add' or 'leathercraft add' commands. Before upgrading an object, it is a good idea to 'appraise' it. The appraise command will give you a rough idea of how much more an object can be improved. High strength will help you forge items from harder metals more easily, while higher constitution will reduce the amount of movement required. A high intelligence is also helpful, especially when working with more difficult metals such as high-grade steels, mithril or adamantium. You can get an estimate of costs of smelting, alloying, combining, etc by adding 'cost' to the end of a command. For example 'forge smelt ore cost' will tell you the gold cost for smelting a piece of ore. CAUTION -- if you make a mistake while forging, the metal you are working on will be ruined and your gold will be lost. Make sure you are not laboring under any detrimental effects such as curses before forging.

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