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Keywords are: 'mudmail email command' The email command is used to interface with your in-game email. It is very similar to writing a board post, but is more convenient. The basic commands are: email send <player name> For a long, board post style email email send <player name> <message> For a quick email with no subject email reply <message> To reply to a message number email list <options> To see your messages email read <options> To read your email(s) email delete <options> To delete email(s) You can type any email command followed by 'help' for more specific options. For example, typing 'email list help' will show you more options for email list. The email command also has a 'sent box' that you can access with the 'sent' keyword, as in the example 'email list sent'. You can read, delete, and list your sent email the same way you can with your inbox. Please note that email is saved to the server in text format and can be read by a system admin at any time. Do not send things via the email command that you would not want an admin to read should the need arise.

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