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Keywords are: 'cleric spell mystic armament projectile' Spell: mystic armament Mana: 16 Wis: 21 Chr: 17 Lvl 14 Cler (42%) (helpful) Requires: consecrate armor (Can Be Groupcast) Usage: cast mystic armament cast mystic armament <weapon or ammunition> The primary reason for the development of the mystic armament' spell was to assist clerics in combat against ghosts. The spell augments solid melee weapons and ammunition with blunt damage types or the flexible damage trait (like whips and flails) with magic that allows them to do full damage to ethereal foes. Without a target, mystic armament will attempt to latch onto any ammunition in your inventory. The higher level you are, the more ammunition you can augment in this fashion. Exercise caution - magical-type creatures can be healed by weapons and ammunition affected by this spell.

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