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Keywords are: 'cleric curse spell cloud noxious stinking' Spell: noxious cloud Mana: 12 Wis: 23 Chr: 19 Lvl 16 Cler (28%) (helpful) Requires: faerie fire Usage: cast noxious cloud <target> 'Noxious cloud' is a mid to low level offensive spell. The caster conjures forth a cloud of putrid gas, which engulfs the target. The immediate effect is to choke the target, causing some initial damage. The cloud then continues to hover about the target for some time, reducing charisma and regeneration. Protections against this spell are the following saving throws: Saving breath : resistance to gaseous attacks in general. Saving spell : helps negate part of the spell before it can be attached. Saving poison : reduces initial damage from the attack.

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