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Keywords are: 'cleric petition supernals incarnates aspects' Skill: petition incarnate Lvl 21 Cler (28%) Skill: petition aspect Lvl 37 Cler (28%) Requires: celestial audience Usage: petition supernal incarnate petition supernal aspect Supernals are divine companions who can fight alongside you. A cleric must use favor to secure the supernal's assistance and continuously pay a small cost of favor so long as a supernal remains in his service. A cleric can only have one supernal under his sway at any one time, regardless of available control points. Petitioned supernals are best described as companions, rather than minions. They are capable of making decisions based on the dynamics of combat, and they may even leave a cleric's service if they feel what he's doing is contrary to his god's agenda. Incarnates are well-balanced companions suitable for multiple tasks, such as tanking and assisting. An incarnate has moderate saves, with a very good saving throw for his god's preferred element. Incarnates enjoy talking and may even shed useful (albeit cryptic) information. They are essentially duplicates of their patron deity, though with far less power. They are created and destroyed at their deities whim. Aspects are physical materializations of a god's power. They are actually part of a god made manifest and appear as clouds of crackling energy. Aspects don't take orders, but they'll follow you around and fight what you fight. An aspect can bring to bear a battery of offensive spells and curses against their opponents. They are well-protected against magic and the elements, however, their existance is tenuous, so they tend to be fragile.

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