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Keywords are: 'pluck feathers plumes' You can 'pluck' feathers from the corpses of birds and bird-like creatures such as griffins and amphiteres. Feathers with a stiff shaft, called the rachis, such as tailfeathers and primary flight feathers, are the ones sought after. Unfortunately, these are often damaged when a bird is killed and thus very few can be harvested. Most feathers can be added to tailored and leathercrafted hats. They are also crucial to making effective arrows and bolts. Proper fletching makes them more accurate and damaging than those without. Feathers and plumes can also be used for brewing potions. Some kinds of birds with a strongly elemental nature, such as thunderbirds, may yield feathers with an affinity for that element. It takes no special skill to pluck feathers, though it you must know hatmaking to add them to hats and fletching to add them to arrows.

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