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Keywords are: 'warrior skill pommel pstrike strike' Skill: pommel strike Lvl 15 Warr (21%) (helpful) Requires: parry Speed: slow Usage: pommel <target> pstrike <target> A 'pommel strike' is when you use the hilt or butt of a weapon instead of the intended cutting edge or hitting surface. This mid level warrior skill allows a fighter to unexpectedly use the 'wrong end' of a weapon to sneak through an opponent's guard and score a hit. A well-executed pommel strike can leave an opponent momentarily dazed, interfering with their active defenses and lowering their chances to successfully cast spells. This skill relies heavily on strength and dexterity. It takes both precision and muscle to quickly and accurately position a weapon for a proper pommel strike. Pommel strikes are usually blunt force attacks, and because the hilts of weapons are typically unenchanted, the attack cannot be used against ethereal creatures.

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