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Keywords are: 'prompts noprompt' Format: prompt Show what your current prompts are set to noprompt Turn off all prompts prompt fighting <stuff> Sets prompt to use while fighting prompt sleeping <stuff> Sets prompt to use while sleeping prompt default <stuff> Sets prompt to use in all other cases Regular tags you can use in your prompt: %hp hitpoints %hpx maximum hitpoints %chp color tag from group command, for hp %ma mana %mnx maximum mana %cma color tag from group command, for mana %mv movement %mvx maximum movement %name insult string %mud mud hostname, eg alter aeon %chan channel currently connected to %pos standing, resting, sleeping, etc %xp exp %gold gold %ac armor class %align alignment %fi character you are currently fighting %fc fighting chars' condition %fp fighting chars' condition, in percent %fg fighting chars' gender %pc your condition %shu current shadow usage %shm shadow usage maximum %terrain the terrain of the room you're in %temp the temperature of the room you're in %weather the weather of the room you're in %wind the wind of the room you're in %area area locale, may not work on all areas %dtime dawn, morning, night, sunset, etc. %nl soft return %% a single % These three come with their internal coloring levels %php percentage of remaining health %pmn percentage of remaining mana %pmv percentage of remaining movement Extra conversions (only usable by gods): %zone zone %rv room vnum %rs room short %wiz wizinvis %xcor x coordinate %ycor y coordinate %zcor z coordinate Also, you can reset your prompt by using the keyword 'NULL'. For example: prompt fighting NULL will set your fighting prompt back to its default value.

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