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Keywords are: 'necromancer spell rancid flesh' Spell: rancid flesh Mana: 30 Int: 24 Wis: 22 Lvl 20 Necr (42%) (helpful) Requires: foulblood Usage: cast rancid flesh This spell floods the body of the caster with poisons and smells that mimic those found in rotting flesh. Should the caster die, the corpse will be unfit for scavengers. This spell has two interesting uses. The first and most obvious use is as a last resort, to preserve a corpse in the event of the death of the caster. The few necromancers that have been successfully resurrected because of this spell swear by it and make sure to keep it constantly active. The second interesting property of this spell is that it masks the scent of the caster almost completely. Creatures that rely on scent to find prey will have difficulty finding a necromancer affected by rancid flesh. Note that once this spell has been cast, it cannot be dispelled.

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