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Keywords are: 'cleric spell area group refresh rejuvenate' Spell: refresh Mana: 15 Wis: 14 Chr: 11 Lvl 4 Cler (28%) (critical) Requires: soothe wounds (Can Be Groupcast) Spell: area refresh Mana: 28 Wis: 26 Chr: 22 Lvl 22 Cler (42%) (important) Requires: refresh (Can Be Groupcast) Spell: rejuvenate Mana: 35 Wis: 35 Chr: 31 Lvl 36 Cler (21%) (important) Requires: area refresh (Can Be Groupcast) Usage: cast refresh <target> cast area refresh cast rejuvenate <target> 'Refresh' is a low level cleric spell used to refresh movement points. It cannot be cast in combat, or cast on those already in combat. 'Area refresh' will cast refresh on everyone near you. This spell is very powerful in groups, as it allows thieves and warriors to use skills such as 'kick', 'trip' and 'leap attack' more often in combat. 'Rejuvenate' is a high level cleric spell used to refresh movement points, and is a much more powerful version of 'refresh' that can also be cast to refresh those engaged in active combat. Because of its increased power, it serves to restore a few hitpoints, though this is generally considered a minor effect.

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