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Keywords are: 'cleric curse spell remorse' Spell: remorse Mana: 26 Wis: 32 Chr: 28 Lvl 35 Cler (28%) (obscure) Requires: overconfidence and conceal alignment Usage: cast remorse <target> The 'remorse' curse introduces feelings of guilt in the victim, playing upon lingering doubts and his sense of right and wrong. These tuggings at the conscience can cause the target to hesitate in combat, allowing opportunities to strike pass while he struggles with his motives. The more good the target is, the greater the effect this curse has on him. Extremely evil beings have no conscience to speak of and are immune to the effects of this curse. Magical beings such as angels are also immune to this curse, being far too sure of themselves for such mind tricks to be effective. This curse can be cast during combat. If used in conjunction with the 'despair' curse, its affects are amplified.

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