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Keywords are: 'cleric spell remove reveal curse' Spell: reveal curse Mana: 11 Wis: 15 Chr: 11 Lvl 7 Cler (42%) Spell: remove curse Mana: 20 Wis: 18 Chr: 14 Lvl 9 Cler (28%) Requires: reveal curse Usage: cast reveal curse <target> cast remove curse <target> Curses come in many forms, but the two most common are curse spells and cursed objects. Curse spells when cast on a player can be very difficult to remove, and while they generally aren't fatal, they're very irritating. A common curse players tend to pick up while adventuring is 'famine'. The 'reveal curse' and 'remove curse' spells can be used to find and undo curses on players. Simply cast them on your target or yourself. Another type of curse that can be found is in the form of a cursed item. When the item is worn, the curse generally applies, and the item cannot be removed unless a remove curse spell is cast on it. To remove curses enchanted into items, you must instead use the 'cursebreaker' skill.

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