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Keywords are: 'convert renounce' Syntax: convert <name of god you want to follow> renounce <name of the god you follow> Using the 'convert' command can attempt to convert you to the god of your choice. You must prove your worthiness by sacrificing objects to your god that have some gold value, which is indicated by "cost" in the identify spell. You can expect to spend a good amount of real life time doing this, and your progress will not be lost if you log out. The amount of time you'll need to make sacrifices will increase if your cleric levels are higher. You can check your progress using the 'convert' at any time. Converting to a god helps make that god more powerful, and more powerful gods can bestow more perks upon their followers. The renounce command allows you to give up your faith and renounce your god. Giving up a god completely can take a long time, and you will be unable to convert to another faith for a period of time. The god you currently follow shows up on 'whoami'. You can see the whole pantheon of gods using the 'gods' command.

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