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Keywords are: 'report' Usage: report - report your stats report bot <name> <reason> - report someone for botting report leech <name> - report someone for leeching in a group The 'report' command by itself sends your current hitpoint status to everyone in the room. It is often used when grouping. You can also use the 'report' command to report certain kinds of bad behaviour. Currently, you can report bots and group leeches. If you see a bot in your group, report it using the 'report bot' command. A group bot is a group member who is controlled entirely by scripts without a person being at the keyboard, who is actively helping the group. Note that a group bot is different from a leech - leeches do not help the group at all. If an AFK player is helping the group by casting spells, healing, assisting, or maintaining tank minions, it's a group bot, not a leech. If you see a leech in your group and wish to warn other players, you can report it using the 'report leech' command. A leech is a group member who is idle or AFK for more than 20 minutes. The difference between a leech and a group bot is that a leech contributes nothing to the group - leeches do not assist, cast spells on others, tank, maintain minions, etc. Leeches can cast spells on themselves. You may also report other bots that you happen to see if you suspect that they're breaking the bot rules in the 'faq' section on botting.

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