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Keywords are: 'necromancer spell rotting sphere of nar'veraktu veraktu' Spell: rotting sphere Mana: 27 Int: 30 Wis: 28 Lvl 29 Necr (21%) (important) Requires: sickening touch and tarrants spectral hand Damage Type: toxic / nonorm Damage: moderate damage/time Speed: very slow (Can Be Bloodcast) This uncommon 'dark arts' spell is passed down only through the highest ranks of necromancers, and typically only evil ones at that. It summons a ball of spirits and other foul creatures to surround the target and steal life. The biting mouths that are commonly seen cause rot and decay almost instantly. Like most spectral rot spells, it also lowers the target's morale. This spell is particularly useful against larger creatures, and armor provides very little protection against it.

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