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Keywords are: 'mage skill scribe scribing scroll chaining' Skill: scribe scroll Lvl 28 Mage (21%) (helpful) Requires: spell lore Profession Skill: scroll chaining Lvl 33 Mage (21%) (helpful) Requires: scribe scroll Profession Usage: scribe create <spellname> [spellcomp] [level] scribe add <scroll> <spellname> [spellcomp] The 'scribe' command lets you create magical scrolls that you can stockpile and use later. In order to scribe a spell, you must use ink made from a spell component with an affinity for that spell - for example, using a fire-based spell component to scribe a fireball spell. Each new scroll also costs a small amount of gold to create, and your own mana is used to charge the spell. Masters of scribing are also able to add more than one spell to a scroll by seamlessly chaining the script of one spell into another without breaking the flow of magic and ruining the scroll. This skill is known as 'scroll chaining'. The amount of mana required to chain spells increases dramatically as more spells are added, and even the strongest spellcasters are seldom able to chain more than a half dozen spells. By specifying a level, you can scribe scrolls that are lower level than you'd normally make. This is useful for making scrolls for allies or to sell.

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