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Keywords are: 'buy sell value shopkeepers keepers' Shopkeepers will sell items and estimate the value of your items. Many will buy items related to their profession or interests. For example, a leatherworker may buy items made from leather, while a smith might buy weapons and armor. You may not be able to sell items to some shopkeepers, such as bartenders and general storekeepers. You can see what kinds of items a shopkeeper will buy (if any) with the 'sell list' command. To sell something to a shopkeeper, use the 'sell <item name>' command. To buy something from a shopkeeper, use the 'buy <item name>' command. To get an estimated value from a shopkeeper, use the 'value <item name>' command. To see what the shopkeeper has for sale, use the 'list' command. The more of an item a shopkeeper has, the less he is likely to be willing to pay to buy more.

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