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Keywords are: 'cleric spell sense life' Spell: sense life Mana: 15 Wis: 17 Chr: 13 Lvl 9 Cler (42%) (helpful) Requires: soothe wounds (Can Be Groupcast) (Can Be Maintained) Usage: cast sense life 'Sense life' allows you to "feel" a presence in a room. It has the potential to detect hiding or invisible living creatures, and can sense them in the dark. On the other hand, sense life does not tell you anything about the creature, only that a life form is present. Sense life also gives you a relative sense how close you are to any life forms you detect. While not particularly strong, if a creature closes in for sneak attack such as a backstab, you may feel it in time to help you avoid the blow. The spell doesn't work reliably on creatures composed of shadow, something about their nature obscures its ability to sense them.

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