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Keywords are: 'warrior skill shieldblock block' Skill: shield block Lvl 8 Warr (21%) Shield block is a warrior skill used to block an opponents' blow with a shield. Shield fighting is its own discipline, and while using a shield is almost always beneficial, only those trained in blocking are able to do it well. It is a passive skill, which means that it is always active if you are using a shield. Most weapons, unarmed attacks and even some unusual types of damage like blasts, zaps and spits can be blocked. However, flexible weapons like whips and flails can easily bend around and bypass shields. Shield block varies in effectiveness depending on the type of shield and whether or not weapons are wielded. Using a two handed shield is the most effective, however while using such a shield you will be unable to attack using a normal weapon. Two handed shields also have a higher minimum chance of blocking attacks. Using a one handed shield without a weapon has about half effectiveness of a two handed shield. Using a one handed weapon with a one handed shield has a little less than half effectiveness, making the combination about 80-90% as effective as using a two handed shield. It is highly recommended that all players learn this skill at some point. Even if you have a low dexterity, or a low warrior level, shield block can still serve to protect your character from a sizable percentage of attacks.

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