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Keywords are: 'warrior skill shield slam' Skill: shield slam Lvl 23 Warr (21%) (helpful) Requires: shield block Speed: very slow Usage: slam <opponent> A shield slam attack involves taking a swipe with your shield arm at an enemy, with the shield angled to strike on its edge. This is in contrast to a shield bash, which strikes an enemy with flat face of your shield, with the weight of your body behind it. A shield slam concentrates all the force of the attack on the rim of the shield, effectively making it an edged weapon. A strong shield slam is almost guaranteed to unbalance an opponent. Taking a shield slam full to the face may briefly daze or stun living creatures. A slam does not leave you as overextended as a bash, so you cannot be as easily counterattacked or tripped. However, a slam that does not make good contact can leave you briefly unbalanced. Like bash, shields with damroll will deal extra damage to an enemy. A high dexterity will help you hit targets, while high strength will do increased damage. Two-handed shield do increased damage as well. Certain magical shields can also deal elemental damage and may even allow you to slam ethereal creatures. Unlike bash, you must have a shield to slam in battle.

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