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Keywords are: 'boats ships seafaring sailing shipyard ports' Syntax: ship buy buy a new ship ship repair repair damaged ship ship recall recover a missing ship ship show view details of the ship you're in ship set <args> allow group, allow all, set clan, change crew ship christen <name> name your ship ship plank <name> make someone walk the plank ship scuttle destroy your ship ship list display all ship that you have permission to use sail <direction> distance sail in the given direction Admin only: ship create create a ship ship add <args> add hardpoints, holds, weapons, etc to a ship Seafaring ships can be purchased using gold, and can travel in the ocean wilds around the edges of continents. Typically, the owner buys the ship in a port, enters the ship, christens it, then uses the 'ship set' command to allow friends and group members on board. Once the boat is christened and ready, you can use the 'sail' command to go exploring. The most well-known shipyards can be found in Anchorhead, Dragon Tooth, Daigaku-Tatami, Emerald City, Elborat, Finspang, Naginag and Ritterholm. Many other less-known seaports are scattered along the coasts of the world. Currently operating ports can be viewed using the 'ports' command.

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