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Keywords are: 'necromancer spell sickening touch' Spell: sickening touch Mana: 10 Int: 13 Wis: 11 Lvl 4 Necr (28%) (important) Requires: coldfire Group: Necromancer Spectral Rot Damage Type: toxic Damage: moderate (special, see text) (Can Be Bloodcast) The 'sickening touch' spell is a low level necromancer spell, typically used before combat. When cast, the target's hands become weapons of sickness for a short period of time. When the target strikes an enemy in battle with his hands, the spell discharges and poisons and sickens the enemy. Note that this spell is similar to the mage spells 'burning hands' and 'shocking grasp' - if affected by this spell, you must attack with bare hands for the spell to trigger in combat. If you don't have any hands free, try not using a shield, not holding a magic item, or (as a last resort) stop wielding a weapon and attack bare-fisted.

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