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Keywords are: 'necromancer spell skeletal warrior mage skeleton' Spell: skeletal warrior Mana: 17 Int: 21 Wis: 19 Lvl 16 Necr (28%) (critical) Requires: skeletal spider Spell: skeletal mage Mana: 33 Int: 23 Wis: 21 Lvl 19 Necr (28%) (critical) Requires: skeletal warrior Usage: cast skeletal warrior cast skeletal warrior <options> cast skeletal mage cast skeletal mage <options> These spells use the latent magic in dragon teeth to create skeletons which are bound to and aid the summoner. Skeletal warriors are melee fighters, while skeletal mages stand back and throw elemental attacks into the fray. You can only have a small number of warriors and mages. If you try to make more than your limit, the one with the lowest hitpoints will be replaced by a new one. This is one way to ensure your skeletal minions don't get too low on health. It should be noted that while these minions are skeletal, they are not undead - they are purely magical, animated in part by the dragon teeth and in part by the will of the caster. You can specify the weapon of skeletons: flail, spear or sword You can specify elemental type of mages: fire, ice or zap You get more skeletons at higher levels: Level 16 - 1 skeletal warrior Level 19 - 1 skeletal mage Level 24 - 2 skeletal warriors Level 27 - 2 skeletal mages Level 30 - 3 skeletal warriors Level 33 - 3 skeletal mages NOTE - skeletal mages are very heavily spam filtered. If you don't see them casting, odds are good it's because you have the gcast filter on.

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