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Keywords are: 'smell aroma' Usage: smell smell <object> The 'smell' command will attempt to ascertain smells from objects. The smell of an object often corresponds with its taste. Smelling an object usually doesn't reveal any special qualities, and is generally done for amusement. Be careful sticking your nose into things. Smell with no arguments will detect the presence of strong smells nearby, such as fish or rotting corpses. It will only detect things within the immediate area. These smells can easily be masked by rain or strong sources of smoke such as forges or campfires. If nothing particularly strong-smelling is nearby, you can often pick up smells from the surrounding terrain, such as the vegetation or the possible presence of game animals. Smelling does not replace the 'scent of death' necromancer skill, as it has no long-range tracking - you will only find dead bodies if they are literally at your feet.

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