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Keywords are: 'necromancer soulstone soulmarket smarket market' Usage: smarket list - show current prices and availability smarket value <stone> - estimate value of a given soulstone smarket sell <stone> - try to sell a soulstone smarket buy <color> - try to buy a soulstone The soulstone market is an automated store that can be used to buy or sell soulstones for gold. You can use the market from anywhere on the game, to either sell extra stones or buy new ones in a pinch. The game automatically calculates a price and matches buyers and sellers, and takes a percentage cut on every sale. Prices and quantity update every few minutes. Note that because buyers and sellers are matched, soulstones may or may not be available depending on demand. If you are unable to buy or sell the desired stone, either try a different color, or try again later.

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